One Percent

There are times in our lives where we would give anything to be able to slow down and take a minute.  There are also times that we would give the same things to quicken the pace.  In the midst of all of that, there are times that we would dig into our reserves for a [...]


Two entries inside of a week?  Tell me about it.  There's a method to my madness mainly because there's a lot on the brain.  Well, this particular part has been spooling since early December.  But, anyway...   Like most men, I've been watching a lot of sports lately.  As a child, I grew up watching [...]

Future History

There's this philosophy that people seem to live by and it states, "Those who are not aware of history are doomed to repeat it." Repetition can be a great or terrible thing for everyone depending on what it is that you find yourself repeating.  However, I feel like repetition isn't positive or negative.  I believe [...]