Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen

“Liberty and freedom have to be more than just words.”

-William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk


            Sure, we have the freedom to choose our own path and the liberty to pursue that path, well to a degree anyway.  But, in terms of our own personal status, we are severely curtailed.


            Sure, we have freedom of speech and religion and for the most part the freedom to do anything that we choose to.  That’s fine and dandy.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to make my own choices and consequently having to live with them.  But, the sticking point to me hasn’t really been what to do with myself but really if I even have a choice.


            Don’t get me wrong.  I understand there are rules and they are there for a reason.  I suppose the real question to me really does either of these things appease my humanity.  Do these two things, in the long run, offer me any happiness?  Sure, they enable me to give me avenues to pursue them and give me guidelines; but, do these things make me happy?


            I’m sad to say that they don’t.  But, there is still an opportunity for change, right?  That’s part of the quest for personal truth and discovery.  Liberty and freedom, at least as we understand them, can’t satisfy my need to change.  I’m not saying that I’m not capable of making my own choices.  I’m just saying my choices are limited and that as a result of that limitation, I don’t feel like I’m able to continue on the quest I sought to go on long ago.  I don’t know where I’m going or why I feel like I need to go there, but I do have a pretty good idea.  Much to the chagrin and dismay of cultural and religious philosophies.


            Whatever personal journey that any of us decide to embark on, I firmly believe that any growth comes from being complicit with what you hold to be true.  It doesn’t make any sense to stay in a place or in a situation where this desire isn’t sustained.


            Where will I go?  Who knows?  What will I do?  Something different, hopefully.  Will it be worth it?  That’s the $1,000,000 question.


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