Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen

“A dead man can’t learn from his mistakes.”

-Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko


            Pretty up front to me.  How about you?  There’s always an opportunity to grow and make changes.  Though, I can sympathize with those who feel so worn down and defeated because of effort yielding no tangible benefits.


            However, all isn’t lost even if it feels like it.  “Death” comes in many forms but it’s more like a challenge to be overcome instead of an obstacle to be avoided.  As much as you hate hearing that, I have come to despise saying it.  Not because I have my own demons and challenges to overcome but it’s becoming awfully cliché and I hate them.  I fucking hate clichés.


            Personally, my biggest objection with death comes from a willingness to not want to do anything.  I can admit it.  I’m big enough to say I’m guilty of being lazy and unmotivated.  Perhaps even inflexible or rigid would describe me as well.  The point is, there are times when we just don’t want to grow up, learn something new, or change our mindset because we can’t bring ourselves to because we want to.


            It’s hard to kill any urge that would lead us to do something different.  We are very habitual creatures.  We learn to do things a certain way and once something comes up that forces us to reanalyze that technique, it creates some stress.  I won’t lie.  It can be a very dangerous thing especially if you’re new to it.  There’s bound to be some growing pains.  But, if there are such pains it means that you are very much so alive!  Well, willing to see past whatever got you down, anyway.  That’s a good thing, isn’t it?


            It’s okay to take a break.  It isn’t wise to plunge into situation after situation and expect what you’ve taken from those situations to serve you.  It’s actually a nasty habit to want to jump back into a dangerous situation.  Especially without knowing what went wrong.  It’s a particularly foolish habit.  The one I’ve been desperately trying to fix.  But, one that I haven’t given up on.


            Knowing is only half the battle.  Doing is the other half.  However, neither can come swiftly or easily.  As frustrating as it is to want to hurry up and get it over with so we can move on, it’s equally frustrating to hurry up and wait.  Patience is a virtue.  Right?


            Bottom line really is those good things come to those who wait.  Well, maybe more like patient and wise in knowing which opportunity is the proper one.  As much of a pain in the ass to sit around waiting for a miracle or the proper opportunity to present itself can sometimes be, it is a lesson in itself.


            Dead men tell no tales.  I’m not saying we should just sit around and expect something to happen.  I’m also not saying we should just give up, either.  But, what I am saying is that there’s meaning in the space between those two things and in that space, we must be if we’re going to find what we’re looking for.


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