Day Twenty One

Day Twenty One

“Maybe we weren’t meant for paradise.  Maybe we were meant to fight our way through, struggle, claw our way up, scratch for every inch of the way.  Maybe we can’t stroll to the music of the lute.  We must march to the sound of drums.”

-William Shatner as Captain James Kirk


            Life really is a dance, isn’t it?  There are so many aspects to it but really only one fundamental aspect is relevant.  We have to be able to move to the rhythm that drives us forward.


            Sure, there’s a lot of flips, jumps, twists, and turns involved in dancing but those really aren’t the center of why we move.  Our motivations are central to how we take action in all phases of our existence and how we orchestrate them is just as important.


            Personally, I’m all over the place when it comes to being able to dance.  I honestly don’t dance.  Not to say that I don’t have rhythm, but I don’t readily express my ability to give form to that particular expression.  Well, at least to move along in such a way that isn’t necessarily artistic but in a way that gives basis to why I do things.


            I love music.  I love it to death.  It’s much easier to think that all of the things we do and everything that makes us who we are part of a song instead of just a cold rationale that explains why we do things.  If we have an appreciation for what music represents, it is understood that music is meant to be more than heard.  It’s meant to be felt.


            Every good song, at least in my opinion, has a pretty good beat or a rhythmic foundation.  We have to have one because it drives us.  It motivates us.  Our behavior is pretty similar in purpose.  We have to have our own reason.  Whether or not it’s a good one is ultimately beside the point.  But, it’s imperative to have one if we are going to do anything with it.


            Our own reason says a lot about us.  We all like to think that our motivations to pursue our interests are beneficial to us and that very well may be the case.  However, our reasons aren’t the only thing that gives color to how our song plays out.  There isn’t much to a good song with only a rhythm now, is there?


            Every good song has a great melody too.  Personally, it stands out to me more than a good beat.  If you ever really notice, you go along more with the melody than the rhythm.  Sure, you’ll move along to the beat because it encourages you to move along with it.  However, nobody was ever criticized for dancing in the shower as much as they were accused of harmonizing along with the melody with their own voice.


            Our melody is the tone behind our message.  It’s our way of describing who we are to everyone around us.  But, we also think melodies are beautiful.  While I would tend to agree that melodies can be beautiful and uplifting, not all of them are.  Some can be dark and ominous while others can be anxious or perhaps even flirty.  The point is, it’s the tune of which that we tell our story or perhaps a better way to describe it would be that it is the flow that it takes.


            To me, the melody is where it all comes together.  I think I’d be safe in saying that everybody likes a good melody.  What that may sound like to someone may greatly differ to someone else and that’s okay.  Not everyone shares the same idea as to what “good” may be and I’d hate to think that there is one unifying influence to determine such a thing.


            We want our melody to be so soothing or appealing so everyone we meet can be soothed by it.  But, the truth is that it appeals to those that have an affection for what it represents.  Some of us feel a need to tell our own story through our own voice and some of us let another’s voice tell it for us.


            Personally, I’m a fan of all types of music regardless of whether it has lyrics or not.  To me, lyrics accentuate the message that our personal rhythm and tones already speak about.  It isn’t always about what’s being spoken but rather the image that is being painted.  After all, it’s the lasting impression that it is left when it comes down to it.  The immediate response is just as impactful, but it doesn’t give us a chance to digest and meditate on it all.


            As a person, I’ve grown to appreciate having a sense of rhythm over aesthetics.  We can have the best idea and no sense of how to achieve the end result of that idea.  It’s important to have the pulse that develops continuity and to possess a will that enables you to move toward those goals.  Having the idea doesn’t really mean anything if we can’t take the steps to ensure that our idea will have a life.


            But, as long as there is a beat… whether it be a heartbeat or the beat to one of our favorite songs… a beat has shown that it is reason enough to continue and that it is something we can ride towards whatever our goals for life may be.


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