Day Twenty Six

Chapter Twenty Six

“You choose your enemies.  You choose your friends.  But, family… that’s in the stars.”

-Colm Meaney as Chief Miles Edward O’Brien


            Whenever I first looked at this quote, the meaning in it to me was initially different.  I always thought that family was just blood and who you shared it with.  Turns out, the more and more I go through my days, it is much more than just that.


            Though, I do agree that we get to choose our enemies and we choose our friends.  Though, I think a better way to phrase it would be that we choose who our allies and our enemies but why we do so can be beyond our perceptive reasoning.  Sure, we can logically explain ourselves and why people are in the position they are in with some ease and success.  However, at the root of it all, I can assume that we would all feel like we were just “meant to” meet.  I’ll buy that one.


            Sure, at its fundamental level, it seems rather easy to wrap your head around and it is.  I won’t deny it nor will I blow it up to be bigger than it seems.  Some people in this world would call it “divine intervention” or they would call it “random convergence.”  Any way you wrap it, there is a purpose or a reason for being where you are and when you are there.  It sounds awful like “The Matrix,” doesn’t it?  Well, in a way it is.


            It’s so much easier to just think that what happens is a result of our choices.  As a matter of fact, it is so much simpler to think that.  However, I’ve learned that reasoning is only part of the much larger equation to really being able not only to make your choices.  Rather, understand why you’re making them and even to a degree be able to predict and adapt to the consequences.


            Regardless of what reason may exist for those who enter our personal domains, it is an eventual conclusion that there is a “just because” in the case of relationships.  Some feel natural and some feel constructed.  But, regardless of how we perceive these ties, it doesn’t make them any less real or relevant than the others.  It further affirms, at least to me anyways, that everything works towards a purpose and has a reason for being.


             At the end of the day, all this really means is that as much as we choose to have people or things in our lives, the things that are chosen for us are just as important.  If not, even more so because they are the things that we don’t understand.


            Consequently, the things that we could spend our entire lives trying to understand.


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