Day Twenty

Day Twenty

“I’ve found that when you don’t think about a problem, sometimes the solution comes to you.”

-Robert Beltran as Commander Chakotay


            I’m a fan of the saying that not every problem has an immediate or singular solution.  It’s true!  This book is an example of that.  I dwelled on the idea for days because I thought that just doing a single quote a day for thirty days would solve my issue of seeing something through to completion.


            Honestly, I’ve never been able to see something through to the end.  It’s always been an issue of me wanting the immediate and definite solution.  Because of that, I would tend to lose focus and lose interest because that need would frustrate me when I couldn’t see the end.  I couldn’t stand putting something down long term when I knew that would be the end result of it anyway.


            However, I’ve found that instead of tackling a problem through to its completion is desirable, working through it in stages also works fairly well especially when working on projects or challenges that develop in phases.  Granted, not all problems or challenges have phases.  But, all of the ones that I have in front of me have seasons that require me to address that particular time instead of handling the endgame.


            It’s always been the endgame.  I never really developed the skills or the talent necessary to just handle what’s in front of me.  I just haven’t been that kind of person.  Everything in the middle just seems to work itself out and I’ve been okay with that.  As long as there is a solution that works, right?  Who cares what’s in the middle…


            Ironically enough, the middle gives definition to the end.  We so desperately want to manipulate things to the point where everything lines up with that.  It’s kind of like building a house with the roof first and then constructing everything so that it all conforms to that design.  Most people can problem solve like that but I don’t have a lot of success with it.  I guess most of my problems now have come from not handling them in the right way.


            There’s a lot of trial and error when figuring out a solid way to handle problems and resolve success.  The “cookie cutter” approach doesn’t always work for everyone because not everybody has the same temperament and capacity for being patient or having vision when analyzing all of the angles.  It’s definitely an issue that I’m becoming more and more comfortable with as time progresses.  Not because I feel like I have to follow a certain program or method, but rather having that method be reflective of my personality and talents to resolve these issues in my own unique way.


            The best way for me to really learn how to solve my problems was to be patient.  Not everything has an immediate or definite solution.  There is a lesson to be learned just by taking a step back and looking at things from the ground up instead of trying to straighten everything up from the top down.  It’s easier to put everything into a pile and sweep it all away, sure.  But, you don’t know what’s getting swept away in the midst of everything else.  It’s important to be able to sift through everything to know what’s relevant and what isn’t.  Even more important is when those things are relevant.


            They say good things come to those who wait.  I’d like to think that having an epiphany is a great thing to have.  Especially considering most of mine have come from taking a dump or from taking a shower.  There are just times when things come to you.  Looking at it now, I don’t think it was ever a matter of if I’d solve the problem.  Rather, a matter of when and how the revelation would be made.


            Tempus fugit, as they say.


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