“The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth, whether it’s scientific truth or historical truth or personal truth!”

–Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard


            Initially, I didn’t think that this whole thing would get this far.  It started as an open challenge by a friend of mine named Andy.  Ever since I had turned thirty, I had been getting increasingly less motivated.  I had ambition and an avenue in which to pursue those things but my desire to pursue them dwindled.  I felt as if that I had been bought.  Rightfully so because I had become a slave to so many things… money, material, and membership to society.


            Over time, I began to question just really what everything meant.  I had a crisis of faith and felt overwhelmed by a need to find completion.  So, as I was sitting through a workshop about suffering and how I could personally identify with some of the concepts presented, I chose to take on yet another project.


This book is a testament to that project.


            Andy challenged me to do something fun and something that made me feel completely out of control.  So, to honor that I chose to take thirty days and find thirty quotes.  I’m a huge Star Trek fan and I could think of no better way to manifest this than to take something that was very imaginative and learn something about myself.  Told by people who lived in a time and place that who understood the need to investigate what it meant to be who they were and to find meaning in the journey.


            As this time of introspection drew to a close, I found that there was meaning in almost everything… the personal interactions, the emotional turbulence, the frustrations, the victories, the defeats, and every skirmish that fell between them… everything… led me to one inescapable conclusion…


 “We can’t be afraid of the wind.” –Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer


Thank you, Andy, for giving me The Four C’s, this challenge, courage, and conviction to take this and run.


Thank you, Tyler and Alyssa, for encouraging me to see this through.  Not to mention being the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever had… and that’s a statement.


Thank you, Mitch, for sticking with me especially when I didn’t want you to.


And for all the others whose hand was at work… and still is…


“One can begin to reshape the landscape with a single flower.” –Leonard Nimoy as Ambassador Spock


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